Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sumahi's Terminology 101 -- wooh wooh

I have been reluctant to post on the blog since I have no new photo of Sumahi (Daddy has been hogging all the phototaking opportunities.) But I thought it would be fun to do a little "Sumahi's Terminology 101".

First Lesson - Wooh Wooh

I first started teaching Sumahi the word "Wooh Wooh" (okay, it's not exactly a word.. but...) when she discovered my parents pet dog, Sophie. So I would point to Sophie and said "Sophie Wooh Wooh". "Wooh wooh" is suppose to be the imitation of the barking sound of the dog, so when ever we saw a dog passing by, I would point to it and said "Wooh wooh". And Sumahi picked that up very quickly. Later, she would point to a cat and said "Wooh wooh" for she could not tell the difference between dogs and cats. ( I have one dog, two cats, and a whole bunch of chicken that just comes in and out of my yard and front porch like it is their own home.) However, the word soon lost its original meaning when Daddy got involve with "Wooh wooh". Daddy used it as a trick to have Sumahi warm up to him when he first got back, since Sumahi is often very excited about "Wooh wooh". So Daddy would take her and just point at every random thing and say "Wooh wooh". Unfortunately, Sumahi picked that up from Daddy, and now she would say "Wooh wooh" to just anything, now the word simply means "Look! There's something interesting."