Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sumahi Turning One Year Old!

Sumahi would be turning one in just a little more than two weeks, on April 16th to be exact, and Daddy would be returning on the same day too, just in time to celebrate Sumahi's birthday.

We would be having two small parties for Sumahi, one for some of our close friends, and one for families. We'll prepare for a big party (aka the Campaign Party)for Sumahi during the Summer when everyone is back.

Since Sumahi is turning one years old, we'll be making some little changes, such as switching from breastmilk to formula. I'm planning to feed her formula for maybe two months then we will switch to milk and soymilk (will be alternating between the two). I'm also planning to give Sumahi her first haircut, her bangs are getting too long so I'll trim that a little. We'll also be getting Sumahi her passport when Daddy comes back, for we are planning to go on a vacation to Bali maybe in May or early June.

Since Daddy is back to celebrate Sumahi's birthday, we had a lot of activities installed. Such as going to Underwater World with Sumahi, seeing the Magic on Ice show at the SandCastle. But most of the plans involve eating ... eating at Cappriciosa, SamChoy's, Tepanyaki, indulging in shortribs, milkshakes, cinnamon rolls, gelato, sweet-n-sour chicken... *I could see the food flowing around in mid air right now... this is making me hungry* But we would be doing important things as well, such as looking for job opportunities for Daddy, planning for the Campaign party, discussing the Sumahi Storybook, preparing for Sumahi's Campaign video...and the list goes on.

I was thinking that maybe we should take Sumahi to a studio and do a photoshoot or maybe a family photo... maybe we could do that every year on her birthday, so that we could see how much she grew, how much older, fatter, balder, numbers of grey hair we've got as years goes by. I thought that would be a cute keepsake for Sumahi. But Daddy doesn't seems to like the idea, he was more like... "what's the photoshoot for while we have our own cameras" kind of attitude. So... that is still undecided.

But I'm still really excited for Sumahi turning one, for Daddy's visit, for eventually when Daddy finally comes home.

Here're some pictures taken of Sumahi during Easter:

18 more days 'til Daddy comes back!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sumahi and Her Used Car

Sumahi just got her baby driver licence!! Since her driving skill is still not to be entrusted with, we got her a "brand new" used car!

28 more days 'til Daddy comes back!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

11th Month Birthday!

Sumahi will be 11 months old tomorrow! That means... just one month from her big day and also means just one more month 'til Daddy comes back for his visit.
For me, every month is special, every month is a reason to celebrate. For her 11 month birthday, we are celebrating by bring her to Umatac for the Discovery Day Celebration. I was hoping to go with Uncle Kuri, Nicole-Sumahi's nina, and a few of Sumahi's cousins. I'm currently still trying to get a hold of Uncle Kuri, for I had call him about it on Thursday, but he hadn't gotten back to me yet.

Anyhow, we did went to watch "Horton Hears A Who?" today. Sumahi especially enjoyed the scene where Horton was crossing the bridge.

>31 more days 'til Daddy comes back!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Nene's First Concert

We were given two concert tickets from Uncle Kuri for a concert in UOG a few days ago. Being Sumahi's first concert, and first time that we had ever watch Uncle Kuri perform (unless we count him practicing at home, blowing a few notes, a performance), we were utterly excited. I told Daddy about it on the phone, and he asked for me to take as many photos and videos of Kuri's performance as possible.

The concert took place last night at 8pm, at the UOG Art Theater. It was much smaller and less packed then I thought it would be. We picked a comfortable seat and waited for the performance to start.

The first to appeared where the Tumon Bay Choir. Kuri made his first appearance of the night when they perform the second song, though not with his trombone, but with some kind of percussion. I took a short video of it, thinking that it is only his first appearance, and that I should save the camera's memory for Kuri's real performance. That... proved to be a bad move, for when Kuri finally performed (which was an hour and half later), he totally hid his face behind the stand for his music notes. All the videos of him that I took afterward only showed part of his head, and for most of the time... his hair only....

During his performance, he sat on the left hand side, right behind the saxophone player that had a lot of solo through out the night, and behind him, a trumpet player that had a few solo too. I looked at the seating arrangement and wondered if, though very unlikely, they were going to do a bold experiment with a trombone solo also. That would be very exciting, though as unlikely as such a thing as a trombone solo to happen, it is even more unlikely that Kuri would actually do a solo. And as it happens, that night wasn't one of the nights that miracle happens. No trombone solo, no Kuri solo. Maybe that's more befitting of Kuri anyway, not taking the spotlight, but humbly supporting his band members, enriching their music with the deep, low sound of his trombone.

Unfortunate as that I wasn't able to get a head shot of Kuri while performing, more unfortunate it was that Sumahi fell asleep through out most of his performance... it had reach her bedtime by the time that Uncle Kuri performed. Hopefully, next time, when Sumahi gets older, she would learn to appreciate instead of falling asleep at Uncle Kuri's performance.