Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Dark Circles Under the Eyes - of Mine and Hers

Lately Sumåhi has been in the "screaming mood", especially at around 5:30-6:00 in the morning. You could imagine my frustration when she refuses to go back to sleep even after eating, and continues with her screaming and babbling. I would look at her with my sleepy eyes, and she would scream and yell, and be giving me the look which said "Why aren't you holding me? Why aren't you playing with me? Get up and play with me now!" And I, knowing that any resistance would be futile, would get up and play with her until it is time for me to get ready for work. Then she would be smiley and happy, and I would shake my head and say "ai adai!"

Sumåhi is a very curious, active, alert baby, which is great, for her pace at learning seems to be pretty fast. However, it is a problem when it comes to her sleeping. It is so difficult to put her to sleep. At one time she would be falling asleep after rocking her for 30 minutes, then she would get distracted by a picture, an object, a sound, and suddenly became all alert again. She would always refuse to go to sleep even when she is sleepy as long as there is something interesting going on. My mother called her a wild baby. Have you ever seen a baby with dark circles? Just look at Sumåhi.

Sumåhi Six Months Old Birthday

Two weeks ago, Sumåhi turned 6 months old. In celebration of her birthday, and for the miracle that she is still alive after being in my care for 6 months, I wrote a poem for her. Though I enjoy poetry reading, I am not much of a poet, so please endure.

For Sumåhi

Yesterday is still near,
Tomorrow is yet far away,
Listen to the silence of the night.
The night breeze kisses the coconut leaves
Leaving me drunk by the soft, sandy beach.

Thirst drives me down to the water
Where I drink the Moon’s reflection.
Now I glaze up into the heavens
As the moon completes her waxing,
Totally lost in love with her true self.

Her lashes,
The silhouette of coconut leaves against the full moon.
Her eyes,
The stars that guide the navigators whose travel in the ocean.
Her smile,
The warmest glow in the dark, frosty night.

In her light,
I found strength.
In her beauty,
I found my only bond with the heavens.
In her love,
My life became complete.

She leads my way
As I lead hers,
We walk towards the heavens
Which embrace us with great warmth.

In them,
I found Home.