Monday, October 5, 2009

Sumahi's New Favorite Movie

Since Sumahi was small, we had brought her to many different movies. There weren't any particular movies that she really likes, there might be parts of a movie that she likes but never enough to catch her attention for more than 15 minutes.

Instead of watching movies, Sumahi's favorite thing to do is to watch videos on YouTube, and the videos of an MTV of Coldplay, Shamu, and Dora the Explorer especially. She likes to see things that she knows, and would ask her daddy to find a video for her on YouTube. Some of the things she really loves are (other than the above mentioned): puppies, horses, guitars, monkeys, cars, and guns.

Since Sumahi loves monkeys and cars, I popped in "Speed Racer" in to the DVD Player for her last week. It had since became Sumahi's favorite movie. She is frequently asking "where's the monkey?" whenever the monkey is not on the screen.

Here's Sumahi's favorite part of the movie

Akli'e' the Master Blaster

We have a new addition recently to our family: Akli'e' Chan Bevacqua.

He was born on August 2nd at 4am in Sagua Managu. At birth, he was 7 lb. and 12 oz. and 21 in. tall. He is now currently 2 months old, and weigh 14 lb. and 6 oz. and 24.5 in. tall.

With Akli'e' in the house, Sumahi is frequently fighting for attention, and became even worse as the Terror that she already was. Although Sumahi is jealous of her little brother, there's no doubt that she loves him dearly, for she would always ask for Akli'e', asks to kiss and hug him, and loves to yell "Bula take' guini!" (There's a lot of poop) whenever I change Akli'e's diaper.

Though out the years, we had given Sumahi many nicknames, and the same goes for Akli'e'.

He is:
Sachin (Daddy's favorite cricket player)
the Master Blaster (describing the frequent and powerful pooping action)
the Sleeping Dragon
the Eating Monster
Chelu ('brother' in Chamorro)
La-E-E (the way Sumahi pronounces his name)
Huang Zhong (one of the Five Tiger General of Shu in the 3 Kingdoms Era of China)

Akli'e' and Sumahi each with their own godmother in the Santos family