Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sumahi's Road to Stardom

Daddy and I had an ambition, which is to start Sumahi's career in modeling at an early age, so that she could pay for her own college and... more importantly... Daddy's student loan.

In pursuit of her career, I had enlisted her in a model listing page online... see link below:

Previously, while Christmas was around the corner, Sumahi was on an newspaper insert ad for Tic-Tac-Toe, a children clothing store in Tumon. It was on going for 5 days, 200 copies were given out each day. Although the job was pro bono, it was good publicity for Sumahi.

Today, Sumahi had her first modeling photo shoot. Early in the morning (10:30am, early for a sick person), Sumahi and the huge camera crew, a total of 5 people, headed out for the Natural Trail in Hilton. The photographer, Sumahi's Grand Aunt Candy, selected a spot on the lawn with a nice sceneric background. However, though out the entire photo shoot, Sumahi displayed the utter most unprofessionalism, and constantly go on strike, which turn the shooting into a disaster. Finally, we had to pack our bag and hope for a better shooting next time around.

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