Saturday, March 15, 2008

11th Month Birthday!

Sumahi will be 11 months old tomorrow! That means... just one month from her big day and also means just one more month 'til Daddy comes back for his visit.
For me, every month is special, every month is a reason to celebrate. For her 11 month birthday, we are celebrating by bring her to Umatac for the Discovery Day Celebration. I was hoping to go with Uncle Kuri, Nicole-Sumahi's nina, and a few of Sumahi's cousins. I'm currently still trying to get a hold of Uncle Kuri, for I had call him about it on Thursday, but he hadn't gotten back to me yet.

Anyhow, we did went to watch "Horton Hears A Who?" today. Sumahi especially enjoyed the scene where Horton was crossing the bridge.

>31 more days 'til Daddy comes back!

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