Friday, May 30, 2008


Last Sunday night, Sumahi started getting a fever and a slight diarrhea. Since Monday was a holiday, we had to postpone her doctor visit until Tuesday. She was diagnosed with a throat infection, and so was given some antibiotics. Her high fever slowly subsided. Soon afterward, I noticed a bit of rashes around her neck, thinking that it was just heat rashes, I just put extra baby powder on her neck. On Thursday morning, I noticed that her rash got a little worse, it spreaded to her chest and her back. Since it was just a few rash, I continued the baby powder treatment. By Thursday night, the rash got serious and spread all over her body, including her face, which got me extremely worried. We brought her to the doctor early in the morning, she was diagnosed with roseola, and was told to keep giving her the antibiotic and was prescribed benadryl incase she gets itchy. I was relieved that it wasn't anything serious, but we would have to cancel our plan to go swimming at the beach this weekend.

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