Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sumahi the Germ Spreader

Ever since Sumahi started Day Care, she started catching different illnesses one after the other. First, it was a stomach flu which turns into pneumonia, then she catches an eye infection which had yet to completely heal, now she is having a cold with an extremely runny nose and a low-grade fever that had come and go for the last two days. The result is a skinny nene that no longer has her previous glory: the thunder thighs, the chubby arms with folds of fats, and the pinchable cheeks that weight a ton. All of those.. gone... Daddy commented that she no longer looks like a chubby eggplant, but a lollipop. I argued that she is not skinny like a lollipop... maybe just a microphone.

As I agonize over the lost of her chubbiness, Sumahi is quick to pass her germs around. First, she gave everyone a stomach flu, that includes, me, my father, and Janell (a friend and the niece for my landlord who is currently staying at our house with her two kids until the end of February ). Then she gave the Janell's daughter the pneumonia. Now she got me, my mother and my father the cold.

Sumahi is as cute as she is deadly.

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