Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sumahi's Nine Months Birthday

Today is Sumahi's Nine Months Birthday, it had pretty much became a habit that we celebrate her birthday monthly. But nine months is particularly special, it means that she had survived 3 quarters of her first year of life with me!

Since it is her special 9 months birthday, I called Daddy yesterday to discuss how we should celebrate this special day. I wanted to read to her one of the Dr. Seuss books that I had brought for her for Christmas, titled "Happy Birthday to You", then open her toys that are for nine months old, so she could play with them. I also wanted to bring her some place, Daddy suggested the beach, and also that I should give her a new food for her to try.

So I picked up Sumahi from the day care after work, and headed to Matapang Beach with Grandma Winnie tagging along. We brought two sets of swimsuits for Sumahi, the red bikini which is only for picture taking, and the other one is for when she gets into the water. I put Sumahi near the shoreline for her to stand and pose for the photo shoot... unfortunately, Sumahi hated it. So we decided to slow things down and have her crawl on the sand instead. She hated that too... and started crying and crawling to me. We realized that it wasn't really the water that she hates, she hates the sand. So we picked her up, walked into the water, and repeat the process of dipping her into the water and then lift her up high in the air. She gradually warmed up and started paddling in the water (her paddling didn't get her anywhere, of course.) We didn't stay at the beach for too long (we only stayed for approx. 30 min.) for we didn't want her to catch a cold.

After a warm bath and eating regular baby food, we fed her a strawberry. Yes, that was the choice I made, Daddy suggested something healthy, so I picked Korean strawberry, sweet and packed with Vitamin C. Well, from her expression, she didn't seems to like it, but she keeps eating it anyway. By the time she was done with the strawberry, she was too exhausted for the other plans that I had install for her, so we let her go to bed instead.
I think those should go on the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

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