Friday, November 2, 2007

The Day Before All Soul's Day

After working on the end of the fiscal year inventory report for my parents' store for the entire week, I finally got a day off yesterday. It is the day before All Soul's Day, I took nene to visit her great great grandparents graves in order to skip the All Soul's Day Mass traffic.

We started off from Dededo, we went on the backroad and headed toward Mangilao, from there we drove to Talofofo to our first destination-- the great great grandparents graves from the Flores side. Since I needed to stop by Agat to put up a For Sale sign on a property that I'm selling, I drove all the way around the South. We stop by C & J Burgers in Malesso on the way for lunch. (Delicious homemade patties for a low low price!) And after the short stop at Agat, we headed to Nimitz Hill. We visited the grave of Julian's father (Julian is one of nene's Godparents) first, who was buried in the Veteran Cemetery. Then we headed to our final destination--the great great grandparents grave from the Lujan side.

Miget took us there before when he was on island over the Summer, it was a grave made of concrete which deteriorated over the years, there was a plexi-glass plat, which has the great great grandparents names spelled with stickers letters on it.

I didn't think that I would have any problem finding it, since I went back once by myself, cleaning up the grave, and there were pretty clear landmarks, it was pass the first telephone pole, pass all the sorry-looking Jesus statues, and right next to a plumeria tree. I spotted my destination from a far, I saw that the silk flowers that I planted on the grave was removed and layout on top. I stepped closer, and I spotted that the cross was broken off, I felt my heart went cold, "oh no, what happened?!" Then when I finally got there, I realized that it wasn't the right grave. I wondered to myself, "What happened? All the landmarks are right. And why do the flowers I brought for them ended up here on this grave? Did someone stole them?" I ended up walking all over the cemetery to every single graves right next to a plumeria tree, and there were many. It was 1:30 in the afternoon, and the sun was radiating its heat on me like it wishes that I get a heat stroke. I walked all around, stepped over graves after graves, always ended up at the same spot every time. Frustrated, I called Miget, and asked him where the grave is. He told me that it is right infront of all the Jesus statues, next to a plumeria tree. I told him that it is not there! He had work to do so he wished me luck on the grave searching, and we hanged up. I stood infront of the grave which I thought was the One, tired, I glanced over the grave right next to it, to the nice, brand new grave, and I saw the name that I was looking for all over the place. All this time, it was just right infront of me, the plat, new and shiny, the name engraved on it smiling at me under the bright sun. And I mumbled to myself, "but I was looking for the plexi-glass plat..."

The grave I was looking for.
The grave right next to it.

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