Friday, November 23, 2007

Nene's First Thanksgiving

It was nene's first Thanksgiving, I got up early in the morning and went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving Dinner. My family had planned to eat out, but I wanted to bring nene to visit her family from Daddy's side, so I needed to make something to bring over.

I decided to make a vegetarian quiche. I got the recipe online, so I printed it out and headed out to Oka Payless with Sumahi. Sumahi was very enthusiastic about helping me, and kept taking the recipe away from me while I was shopping. Finally, we got home, and I was able to put her to bed while I work on the crust and pre-mixing the fillings. I wanted to get everything ready for I had to show a property at around 2pm, and I needed to get to Grandpa's house at 4:30pm and follow them over to Auntie Eleanor's house.

Even though I got home early after the showing, I was still running late when I left the house, for the quiche took way longer then expected to cook. I left the house at 4:29pm and rushed over to Grandpa's. When I was almost there, I got a call from Kuri, and said that I don't need to rush for they were running late. We stayed there until everyone was ready, then we headed over to Auntie Eleanor's. We weren't able to stay there for too long, for we still needed to have dinner with my family. Sumahi did get to see everyone though, and spent a little time playing with her cousins. Although my stay there was short, it was a nice and wonderful little gathering, and I'm very glad that Sumahi get to see everyone.

I had Sumahi tried the turkey with turkey gravy baby food... and she didn't like it at all, she preferred the real thing. (We teared small pieces of turkey for her for it was soft enough for her to eat) I guess she is sick and tired of being treated like a baby.

I called Daddy a few times so that he could say Happy Thanksgiving to her, but he didn't pick up the phone. I was about to give up and thought that nene would have her first Thanksgiving without hearing Happy Thanksgiving from her daddy, but he called just right before he went to bed, and so... it was a good Thanksgiving.

12 more days 'til Daddy comes back!

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