Sunday, November 18, 2007

No Chicken for Nene?

When Sumahi turned 6 months old, after a month of eating baby cereal, I added baby food in the jar in the list of foods she eats. So far, we had tried carrots, sweet potatoes, mixed vegetables, sweet potatoes and corns, chicken with mixed vegetables. She ate every flavor except chicken with mixed vegetables, which she just refused to eat. And I thought to myself, "Oh my God! Nene is a vegetarian!" Well, turns out that she just doesn't like chicken, she was just fine when we fed her beef and vegetables today. Now she turned 7 months old, I also brought her baby finger food. I also got her a jar of turkey and turkey gravy, so that she wouldn't feel left out for Thanksgiving when everyone is having turkey.

17 more days 'til Daddy comes back!

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